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Replica Breguet Marine Royale Watches In 1990, Breguet's contemporary watchmakers created the name of the Marine Breguet Marine watch. The original watch design through the chain of chain-shaped chain, large ring engraved brand name crown, rough bezel, showing the sailing of the association. Continued Breguet's consistent features, such as silver-plated engraved dial, Breguet pointer and so on.

No. 5847 watch was named Marine Royale, the Royal sailing, is a rare waterproof depth of 300 meters of the diving watch. Underwater tests have shown that the effect of sound propagation in the water is faster than in the air. Sonic transmission depends on the transmission of the medium, the higher the environmental density, the more conducive to the transmission effect. The speed of sound in the water is 4 times the speed of the water. And because the underwater environment is generally quieter than the open air environment, so the sound of the alarm to hear the water is more clear. Gold alarm set crown and switch button outer layer with rubber protection, easy to operate. In order to improve the readability of the watch in the darkest underwater environment, the watch's minute scale, minute hand and hour hand are painted with a super luminous coating, while the clock and alarm scales are painted with blue fluorescent material. 10 o'clock position as the power reserve display blue triangular indicators also coated with luminous material.

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