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Ulysse Nardin, one of the top ten tables in Switzerland, has gone through a century and a half, in its long-lasting context, superb watchmaking process and innovative ability, has become synonymous with Ulysse Nardin.Ulysse Nardin was born on January 22, 1823 in Le Locle, Switzerland. In the early years by his father Leonard Frederic personally taught the technology of watches and clocks, and later follow the contemporary watch master William Dubois study.UIysse Nardin began manufacturing maritime timer and alarm clock for shipping company. But due to the 1970 downturn, and finally in 1983 by Rolf Schnyder led by a group of investors received. Schnyder took over to decide to restore the company's performance, so contact with a watchmaking artist astronomer and mathematician Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, and to create a stunning masterpiece, the results Asbolabium Galileo Galilei launched, A whirlwind

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